2014 Favorite Portable Layouts

The Favorite Portable Layout Contest is open to all members who bring a portable layout to one of the SP meets during the year. Our members then vote on their favorite portable layout.

Here are the portable layouts from the January meet:


Bill Senyak’s Corvette Layout.


Glen Olsen’s action filled portable layout.


Jeff Meyer’s All Aboard Fastracker Squares featuring all tinplate buildings.


Larry Carpenter’s Marx Layout.

Here are the portable layouts from the February meet:


Tom Ingolio’s awesome S gauge portable layout


Glen Olsen’s fun accessorized O gauge layout


Bob Nord’s tinplate squares

WP_20140223_11_06_00_Pro__highres (640x361)

Wayne Musgrave’s O gauge portable layout

Here are the portable layouts from the March meet:


Glen Olsen’s All Aboard Fastracker squares


Tom Ingolio’s All Aboard Fastracker squares


Bill Senyak’s O gauge layout

Here are the portable layouts from the April meet:

DSC_1702_resizeBill Senyak’s All Aboard Fastracker squares with American Flyer S Gauge included.

DSC_1704_resize Tom Ingolio’s All Aboard Fastracker Squares.


Denyse Meyer with her All Aboard Fastracker squares.

Here are the portable layouts from the May meet:


Jeff Meyer’s All Aboard Fastrackers squares.


Larry Carpenters All Aboard Fastrackers squares.

DSC_1771_resizeGlen Olsen’s action filled portable layout.


Mark DiVecchio with his portable layout with buttons for kids of all ages to push.

Here are the portable layouts from the June meet:


Jeff Meyer’s new O27 squares layout went from being brought to the meet with the Harley and his wife Denyse to:


To this including trains, buildings, transformer, trees, cars, and people.

DSCN2621_resizeLee Sweitzer’s N scale micro-squares.


Deborah Sweitzer’s new portable O27 layout.

DSCN2632_resizeBob Nord’s All Aboard Fastrackers squares with his Trolley line on the inside loop/

Here are the portable layouts from the July meet:

TTOS-SP Meet 7-27-2014 014 (640x480)

Deborah Sweitzer’s portable O27 layout running all TTOS-SP equipment for the day.

TTOS-SP Meet 7-27-2014 006 (480x640)

Lee Sweitzer’s N scale micro-squares.

TTOS-SP Meet 7-27-2014 013 (640x480)Bill Senyak’s Corvette Layout

TTOS-SP Meet 7-27-2014 002 (640x480) TTOS-SP Meet 7-27-2014 003 (640x480)Jeff Meyer’s Mini-squares running the just released 2014 TTOS Convention Car.

Here are the portable layouts from the August meet:

WP_20140824_12_38_14_Pro (640x360)Steve Eastman’s new Standard Gauge Modular layout

WP_20140824_11_11_54_Pro (640x360)Lee and Debbie Sweitzer’s portable O27 layout

WP_20140824_10_56_28_Pro (640x360)Bill Senyak’s Standard Gauge layout

WP_20140824_12_41_16_Pro (640x360)Larry Carpenter’s Standard Gauge layout

Here are the portable layouts from the September meet:

DSCN0210 (640x480)J Keeley’s Trolley Layout

DSCN0211 (640x480)Debbie Sweitzer’s Folding O27 layout

DSCN0212 (640x480)Lee Sweitzer’s Micro Squares for N gauge

DSCN0213 (640x480)John Bowman’s display of live steam engines

Here are the portable layouts from the October meet:

DSC_4017 (640x427)Lee and Debbie Sweitzer’s folding O27 layout with wind-up trains

DSC_4011 (640x427)

Bob Carlson’s new all Aboard Fastracker Squares

DSC_3988 (640x427)Steve Eastman’s wind up layout

DSC_3990 (640x427)Larry Carpenter’s Marx Layout

DSC_3987 (640x427)Greg Druscher brought his nice test layout

DSC_4053 (640x427)Jeff Meyer with his All Aboard Squares decorated in a Halloween theme

Bring your portable layout next month……do not have one?

Ask a fellow TTOS-SP member how easy it is to build!